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The guideline of Lupine is to face and engage work with gratitude and respect , not only to our clients, but also to people and company those whom help us, customer over our clients, and further more, to the society.

Honor and respect others, connecting and spin the relation among people, and that connection makes the company.

And to provide more great event, we serve every people, resources, and time related to the event field.

Company Name:LUPINE G.K.

President:Shogo Koyama

      Hisao Maeda

Established:April 19th, 2019

Annual Sales (FY2019):JPY 51.67million

Number of Employees:Officer 2ppl

             Outside Advisor 1ppl

             Consolidated 3ppl

             Contract 3ppl

Officer:CEO Shogo Koyama

     COO Hisao Maeda

Company Meeting/Seminar

In-bound Global IT Company Event 

A typical seminar of Multinational IT Company.

We have experienced seminar type as....

- New Production release event

- Seminar of learning programming

- Held alone By-Invitation-only Event

We have prepared the backdrop design, and AV equipment for this event, and also the stage producing on our hand.

As the main computer was brought in by our clients as they needed a really high spec computer, we adjusted all the equipment not to make the projector or the switcher overflow, as it happened with the different client at the previous year.

We carefully went through the run through, and prepared

3 back up plan just in case, but everything went with a success.

Giving a Speech

Outbound Company New Release Event

Launch event and Exhibition at oversea

Having a Launch Event of Japanese company to produce their product at oversea.

As it was their big challenge, calling over 200 mass media for media session to have the medias to take the stage production so that it would be the fastest promotion to have the information to spread to the consumers.

As it was a big challenge for the client, we invited more than 200

media medium for the press conference, and to send the news

properly and speedy to their consumers, asked the media to also take photos of the product into details, especially for the main product on the stage.

We also produced stage production in to fine details, from vision production, lighting, sound producing, and each scene of entrance of the CEO and other officers coming on to the stage.

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